Soundbite Art of Care

Send me your video recorded sound!

During the alienating time due to the Corona virus, I want to collect short video recordings of image and sound from three perspectives: (* But every recording is welcome)

- The Healthcare Professional, working in or outside the hospital.
- The patient in the hospital, with or without Corona.
- The people who need care but who are not currently given priority.

I will collect videos with sounds such as the opening of the pillbox, the sigh and silence, the dialysis machine beeping, the hissing of the ventilator, footsteps in empty corridors, drumming on the spokes of a wheelchair, etc.

From all these fragments I will compose an audio-film document that will become a different and more abstract representation of the time in which we are caught in the pandemic.
It will not be a documentary, but a musical piece from which the gut feeling may speak about that for which there are no words.


Send me your short soundbite video!

Film up close the sound you want to contribute, simply with your phone.
Send me this video recording with sound via the form below or send me an email.