Geneeskunst (Art of Healing)

Geneeskunst is a collaboration between artist Nieke Koek and various healthcare institutions, including the rehabilitation clinic of the Amsterdam UMC. The goal of the collaboration is to create new work that contributes to the rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitation is intensively practiced through instruction and repetition. The recovery is difficult and you have to do what you cannot or do not yet dare.
Nieke's work has shown that she can encourage an audience to move spontaneously and if possible form the tools to activate the body of a rehabilitation patient and to stimulate movement. It offers a completely different approach than most treatment processes.

In general, art can make a (hospital) environment more pleasant and can distract from the sometimes difficult path of rehabilitation.
Geneeskunst distinguishes itself by realizing work that has an impact on physical recovery.


The projects are financially supported by donations, subsidies and purchases of works of art.
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